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Memory of the Holocaust in Luxemburg




Few Holocaust Witnesses who lived in Luxembourg short before or during WW2 are still alive; most of them have never publically related their ordeal. The aim of this project is to film their accounts and make them available for pedagogical projects in schools as well as for research programs. The witnesses will be contacted in close cooperation with Jewish institutions in Luxembourg.


At first, preliminary talks will be held with potential interviewees – an essential step for the filming team, as it allows it to prepare the interviews, as well as for the interlocutor, to whom the project is presented. Interview filming will follow short after. Filming of five or six autobiographical interviews with Luxembourg-related Holocaust Witnesses, in the Grand Duchy and abroad. The filmed interviews will be transcribed at the University of Luxembourg, according to scientific standards. Interview DVDs, interview transcriptions, photographs and documents will be filed in an oral history archive, freely available for pedagogical projects in schools and for research programs.

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