Encouraging progress


Mechinat Yedidya




Mechinat Yedidya was established to engage the core of Israeli youth. Our goal and vision is to reach youth from all the different sectors within the Jewish society in Israel and engrave in them a sense of responsibility towards their own future as well as the future of the Jewish nation. We believe that every young man has the ability and potential of reaching greatness, not every single person has to be great in the same way but he must achieve his own greatness.


Mechinat Yedidya offers 1-2 years of studies before drafting to the IDF. Most of the students return for a second year and then Draft between March and August. The Schedule at the Mechina is combined of Judaic studies, workshops, outdoor hikes and more. The Mechina Judaic studies are combined of various classes in all aspects of Judaism given by a dedicated staff of Rabbis and counselors.

With our wonderful staff we teach our students that sky is the limit, in the army, in their career, in anything they choose to do

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