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Mechinat Meitarim Lachish – Vehadarta (Perach Zahav Bnei Bayit)


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Even in small villages, the elderly population may suffer from social isolation caused by loneliness, physical difficulties, health problems and lack of sense of meaningfulness.Especially around the Gaza strip, young families migrate more easily to other safer parts of the country, where as their elderly parents don’t want to move and therefore remain relatively far from their children. Our goal in this project is to retrieve the senior citizens a feeling of belonging and furthermore, to expose our students to the deep value of intergenerational connections, support and making room in society to those who have difficulties to make it themselves.


Mechinat Lachish offers graduates of religious and secular high schools the opportunity to postpone Army recruitment and, in turn, dedicate a year of their lives to learning, as well as working the land, to social activism and preparation for military service.

Mechinat Lachish is a “Beit midrash” that creates and presents multiple and varied opinions and encourages its students to carefully consider and observe each and every idea that they encounter. The purpose of the mechina is to foster the development of socially responsible and well-educated young leaders who are connected to the world and take action to change it.

Our students are involved in community life on the Kibbutz or Moshav and in the surrounding towns. All mechina’s students regularly participate in a wide variety of volunteer service projects.

Kibbutz Nahal Oz and the region, due to the security and political situation, have had very difficult years. The presence of a young, lively group of people, taking part and assisting in the day to day is a crucial help.

Our students have a full and intensive curriculum which contains, studies, sports, self practice and volunteering in and around the community. Once a week, our students spread throughout the kibbutz and the area, and join the elderly citizens for different activities. Some visit them in their home, get to know each other and make some pleasant company with one another. Others arrive at elderly peoples’ houses and assist with different activities such as gardening, cooking, housekeeping and special projects.

Furthermore, to ease on those who need the help, our students have a special project in which they pack condiments and deliver them to their homes.

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