Encouraging progress


Mechinat Meitarim Lachish “shana bet”, Israel




Mechinat Meitarim Lachish aims to develop and cultivate young people, who will contribute to the Israeli society In all its aspects.

The Mechina offers a unique educational program, containing combinations between the school and the area, in-depth theoretical study and creation, and familiarity with the land, through hiking and agricultural work. This is all done with constant attention to surrounding community in Lachish region.


The second year program (Shana Bet) lasts about six months after the end of the Mechina’s year.

The main component of the second year is the deep, group and personal, learning. The Beit Midrash is characterized by an atmosphere that enables the student to settle in the learning materials, thereby acquiring a knowledge base and building an in-depth personal identity, in a process of understanding, choosing and creating. The core areas of the program are Judaism, Zionism, Israeli society, philosophy and art.

The study is in a small and intimate group and includes many hours of personal study of texts chosen by the students. The students prepare and deliver lessons, and finally write an article based on reading texts.

However, the program also includes regular weekly volunteering, several trips a year, preparation for military service and contact with the rest of the Mechina’s programs and its graduates.

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