Encouraging progress


Mechinat Ha’Emek, Israel


מכינה עלייה לחרמון


Our program teaches cultural concepts about Judaism and social leadership to young adults who wish to make meaningful social contributions, improve our society, and build connections with others based on trust and understanding. We provide opportunities to explore and solidify a value-based identity and strive to address social, education, and military challenges that require commitment and fortitude.


  • Establishing an active and committed community of Mechinat HaEmek graduates in the Beit Shean Valley.
  • Forging bonds and dialogue between different sectors of Jewish and Israeli society; strengthening the commitment and motivation of young Israeli to create social change; creating a fellowship of graduates with heightened social awareness and the tools and skills to improve society.
  • Strengthening value-based identity through significant experiences before entering the normative path to adulthood (IDF service, work, advanced studies, and marriage); teaching and instilling the leadership, initiative, and knowledge needed to create social change; students will practice these skills by taking leadership and decision-making roles at the school.
  • Strengthening the communities and culture of the Beit Shean Valley (part of Israel’s geographic and socio-cultural periphery) as a privilege and not as charity, buy building collaborations with local residents and by leading myriad educational and social processes through volunteer projects such as helping the elderly, working with special needs children, and teaching empowerment workshops.
  • Modeling significant community volunteerism and IDF service to youth living in the Beit Shean Valley.
  • Training our students to be social entrepreneurs.

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