Encouraging progress


Mechinat BINA




Mechinat BINA aims to create a new generation of Jewish Israeli leadership: one with in-depth familiarity with Jewish texts, values, heritage and culture, committed to pluralism and tikkun olam. Our approach is based on the Jewish concept of ‘study that leads to action’, using pluralistic Jewish learning as a tool for empowerment, self-discovery and leadership development, and as inspiration and catalyst for social action.


Established in 2006, Mechinat BINA was one of the first pre-army Mechina programs defined as a uniquely hiloni (non-orthodox/secular) Mechina.  Our student body is diverse, drawing young people from different backgrounds (Ashkenazi/Mizrahi/Ethiopian/kibbutznikim/cities etc.) and from across Israel. In 2011, Mechinat BINA opened an English-speaking track for international Jews. Our participants live, study, and volunteer together in the same neighborhood in south Tel Aviv – they study five days every week, and volunteer three afternoons each week in the communities of south Tel Aviv. They study the full gamut of Jewish culture from Bible and Talmud and history to modern Jewish thought and Hebrew literature.  Every other weekend the group stays to celebrate Shabbat collectively, with Shabbat activities led and planned by the participants themselves. In addition, several times a year the participants take part in trips to explore different parts of Israel and Israeli society, in order to strengthen and enrich their relationship with the Land and People of Israel, and as part of their educational, spiritual, and physical preparation for IDF service.
In fall 2016, we welcome our 11th cohort, with 65 Israeli and international Jewish participants from across the globe.

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