Encouraging progress


Mechinat Beit Yisrael, Israel


mechinat Biet Yisrael


Mechinat Beit Yisrael’s vision is a just and pluralistic society in Israel, one of socioeconomic equality and respect for difference. Our mission is m’limmud l’ma’aseh (from Jewish learning to social action): bringing Jewish learning to fruition through community activism.


In 1997, Kvutzat Reut-Beit Yisrael created the first pluralistic mechina (pre-army leadership development program), designed to address the growing polarization in Israeli society. The secular and religious participants celebrate Shabbat, study, and volunteer together and openly and honestly tackle issues of prejudice, respect, and diversity.

Mechina students study Talmud, Bible, Jewish history, Israeli literature, and philosophy from a variety of perspectives under the guidance of a diverse faculty, building respect for the plurality of Jewish expressions.

The intensive study program informs social action. Students tutor and mentor 565 disadvantaged children in the Gilo neighborhood. Volunteer service shapes mechina participants into socially conscious leaders.

The mechina experience is enriched by guest lectures and field trips that enable our students to encounter firsthand the complex dilemmas in Israeli society.

Students graduate the mechina with a lifelong commitment to leadership and the initiative to make a difference in the fabric of society, taking the ownership needed to actualize their dreams for a better world.

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