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Mechinat Be’eri


Mechinat Beeri


Carrying-on Berl Katznelson’s legacy, the Be’eri mechina is premised on the notion that Israeli society’s resilience depends on dedicated and aware young leaders that are well equipped for and capable of successfully integrating their social commitment and values of equality, tolerance and voluntarism into all life paths – military service, employment, family and community.


The Be’eri Mechina program participants will gain valuable understanding of Israeli society along with experience in community outreach. All in a multicultural and diverse setting in which they will get to know their peers from diverse sectors in Israeli society. During the life-changing gap year program, the young participants will learn fundamental principles of historical and social significance, advancing values of tolerance, respect to the person and environment and community involvement. The participants volunteer 12 hours each week in Kfar Saba, Tira and the Southern Sharon region in various positions, such as work with elderly people, youth with disabilities etc.

The curriculum of the yearlong program includes courses on economics and society, politics as a field of social change, Jewish thought and Tikun Olam.

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