Encouraging progress


Mechinat Ami-Chai


מכינה 4


We believe that studying and deepening the Zionist, Jewish and social content alongside volunteer work, helping fellow-men and manual labor, expresses the strong desire for taking responsibility resulting in a meaningful army service, active citizenship and social involvement, towards creating a better future in a democratic and Jewish country.

The diversity within the group, consisting of religious, secular and traditional youth, aims to create a group that will include   various components of Israeli society who will serve as role models for others.



Educational experience: Deepening Jewish and Israeli Identity among students while connecting them to the Zionist purpose, by teaching the foundation of our joint identity and the value of mankind.

Leadership development: The Mechina sees high importance in preparing the students to fulfill leadership positions in the IDF, and therefore offers opportunities to experience leadership in their own daily life. During the year, students meet with army commanders and distinguished leaders in the Israeli society.

Social contribution: We believe in a balance between giving and receiving through contribution to the community out of the belief that “גדול לימוד שמביא לידי מעשה.” (Great is the teaching that brings to action) Members of the Mechina volunteer regularly in the Kibbutz, in other villages within the local council and in the city of Beersheba.

Preparation for a meaningful army service: The purpose of this field is to prepare the members of the Mechina for their upcoming army service and the challenges it entails. We offer the tools for them to arrive at the army with maturity and determination to defend the Israeli state, while prepared to be commanders and face challenging tasks.

The group: The Mechina aims to sustain a micro-scale “role-model society,” where members of diverse opinions and views can meet each other in a sincere encounter from a genuine, caring and attentive place of understanding.

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