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Matza is an artistic work initiated by Swiss artist Séverin Guelpa. It is founded on an ancient political practice, the “mazze” of the Haut-Valais region of Switzerland, and is intended to be a reflection on the functioning of modern democracies. It is an ensemble of works on the principles of our political and collective systems with regard to what links a population to its territory today.


Matza confronts the limits of our organizational and representational systems by shining a light on the anchoring of a citizenry to a space of practice. Earth, in the larger sense of the word, is not only constitutive of individual and collective identities, but is also an instrument of emancipation. It is a space for exchange and experience, for work and mutual assistance. It is the ground for battles, for utopias, and for action that has always nourished democracies, not always peacefully, but pluralistically and contrasting.

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