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We are deeply moved by the trials Israel is going through at this difficult time of distress and pain. We mourn the victims, wish a speedy recovery to the injured and raise our prayers for a return to security and tranquillity. We are aware of the resilience of our people, and we do not doubt for a moment that Israel and its army will pull themselves together and loosen the stranglehold in which a ferocious enemy has trapped some of the most peace-loving and justice-loving populations in the region.
The Matanel Foundation has decided to set up an emergency fund to encourage, in our modest way, initiatives designed to relieve the civilian population.

We wish for good news and better days.
The Matanel Foundation



On October 7, 2023, the Islamist wing of the Palestinians perpetrated an unprecedented massacre against the civilian population of southern Israel. It revived painful memories in the collective Jewish consciousness. General mobilization immediately re-established mutual solidarity between age groups, sectors of the population and Diaspora communities. The Matanel Foundation has also mobilized its modest resources to help the displaced populations, and has decided to set up an Emergency Fund while maintaining its commitments. The resources are mainly available to our traditional partners, who have redirected a large part of their efforts to the populations who had to leave their homes destroyed by assailants or rockets. The Mechinot – the post-secondary institutions preparing young people for civilian or military service – which we have been sponsoring for over a decade now, immediately got down to work, as did the higher education institutions whose students were not all mobilized in the army.

The vouchers allocated by the Matanel Fund encourage :
– Cultural and extracurricular activities in reception centers;
– Supervision of elderly people in hospices and follow-up of isolated elderly people;
– Volunteering in health care facilities where staff have been mobilized, and in agricultural sites made bare by the mobilization of landlords or the departure of foreign seasonal workers.
– Preparing food parcels and meals.

At the same time, Matanel is encouraging the establishment of structures that can provide victims with therapeutic assistance of a spiritual nature.

We wish for good news and better days.
The Matanel Foundation

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