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Matanel Scholarships for young students from Ethiopian backgrounds


  • Thank you 2013-2014



Exposing Ethiopian-Israeli children to a peer group of high caliber students and instruction from the best quality teachers increases their motivation to succeed at school, and their chances of leading the way, by personal example, to academia and college.


The program identifies Ethiopian-Israeli children with high academic potential, and provides them with financial assistance to enable them to study in the best quality schools in Israel. It ensures that their family’s strained economic situation does not prevent the children from realizing their innate potential, and preserves their hope and belief in their ability to succeed at school. The schools selected are known for their high academic level and proven ability to prepare students for university. 10 students received Matanel Scholarships in the 2010-11 school year.


Thank you Letter : 

Thank you 2013-2014

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