Encouraging our fellows


Matanel Perach Zahav – Mechinat Yeruham Kulna


    תמונה פרוייקט זהב מכינת ירוחם


The Yeruham cross-generation project is one of the flagship projects of the Community Action Program at Yerucham Premilitary college. As part of this project we seek to use our relative advantage – a group of young, caring and motivational people who are looking to be the change they want to see in our society.

Our goal is to connect them with the elderly population in Yeruham, a community that is mostly comprised of new and old immigrant who have seen and done a lot in their lives but in this stage find themselves isolated and happy to find sympathetic ear, a remodeling hand or a shoulder to lean on.


Yeruham cross- generation project Is divided into two main channels: the first takes place once a week, on the intensive community activity day at Yerucham Premilitary college, where a group of two or three students join the day care center for the elderly in Yeruham. As part of this collaboration, the students help both logistically and as a human factor that plays with the elderly throughout the day, listening to their stories and sharing them stories from the daily lives of the younger generation in Israel. In addition, the students initiate various activities in the center such as Bingo and other social games.

In the second channel, a student or two student are enrolled to elderly. As part of this program, some 10-15 adults receive assistance from the students in the preparatory program, including logistical difficulties such as assistance in shopping or pulling mail, as well as social needs as a partner for a game or watching television or simply for a conversation between two friends.

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