Encouraging our fellows


Matanel Perach Zahav – Internet Surfing Club – ORT




Our vision is to create equal opportunity regardless of gender, cultural, or socioeconomic background, and to nurture our youth into careers and to becoming well-balanced, fully integrated contributing citizens, active in Israel’s economic stability and success.


The global health-crisis has led many of us to decide to take various measures of social distancing, stemming from a desire to maintain the health of our relatives.
The direct meaning of social distancing for our seniors is a significant reduction of face-to-face encounters. The result of this is an increase in the sense of loneliness and the need for seniors to acquire technological tools to maintain healthy communication with family, friends, and social services.
The digital-world and social-networks are playing a significant role in the world of youth. Meanwhile, many of the seniors are struggling to adapt their abilities to this world and acquire digital skills.
The project creates platforms for bringing seniors closer to the digital-world, and  to explore together with youth the benefits and the smart ways of conducting themselves in this world.
The youth will be trained to become digital experts and will help seniors to use e-skills in an efficient, accessible, and friendly manner, which will provide a solution to their social needs. The program will include people-to-people multi-generational meetings of youth with seniors and another meetings of a leading teacher with the youth to prepare for meetings and process the experience of those meetings.

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