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Matanel Garden at the Naftali Building, Tel-Aviv University


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The Matanel Garden at Tel Aviv University will be an innovative garden which is both more ecologically significant and serve as a research hub.

Our goal is to promote research and improve the implementation of green ecological capacity in Israel, engage in multidisciplinary research and set the tone for the entire community in terms of green and sustainable way of life.


The Matanel Garden will be a living lab for researchers and students:

Research: The research projects will be based on a smart vertical garden and aim to reduce the building’s energy consumption. The garden will serve as a pilot for positive environmental and energetic influence, reducing the energy intake and ecological footprint of the building.

The green wall will enable multidisciplinary research and set the tone for the entire TAU community and from there to the city of Tel-Aviv and onwards. The green wall will be a living lab for students and researchers from different disciplines – life sciences, environmental studies, engineering and public policy, who will explore various research questions. The maintenance of the wall will be carried out through an automated system, which will be programmed to tailor the wall’s specific needs (water, nutrition etc.) by our students and faculty.

Academic seminars: The garden will host local, national and international academic seminars of the Faculty of Social Sciences, as well as seminars given by visiting scholars from all over the world.

The garden will include outdoor working spaces and roof-top labs, which will be used by students and staff for research, meetings, discussions and other academic and scientific activities.

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