Encouraging progress


Matanel Ecological Garden

Ashdod, Israel

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Ashdod, which is a very diverse city that is at times ridden by controversy, especially in its older neighborhoods, also possess a magic when it comes to public parks. In these parks all the children are equal, and all parents share the same benches and experiences. Our vision is to join this magic and intensify it by bequeathing a culture of ecology and creativity in partnership with the local population, while remaining deeply aware that through connection to a place, to nature and the environment, and through joint action, we can create a meaningful and unified community.


The activities that we will be doing in the Matanel Ecological Gardens:
1. Setting up street. These libraries will of course be completely free and include a range of books in various languages relevant to the communities they serve. This project will be geared toward children as well as adults and the elderly.
2. sitting area / cook pit made with recycled materials that will serve the community at large. The actual area will be as ecological as possible – involving recycled materials, tires etc. In addition to providing the communities that use the parks with a safe and enclosed cooking area where it is permitted.
3. Setting up a compost facility in each park –this will help spread messages of ecology and sustainability among the families of the children that come to activities in the park.
4. Workshops from sustainable and recycled materials for the children.
5. Various beach clean up days throughout the year as part of the community parks with children and their families.

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