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Matanel Care – Dental treatments for the elderly population


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The importance of dental treatment is well recognized. However, a considerable part of Israel’s population cannot afford even the basic treatments because of the high prices charged by private dental surgeons. Under these circumstances, our association, The Institute of Advanced Dental Education in Haifa, which is a non-profit association, provides dental treatments to the elderly population and Holocaust survivors in the northern region of Israel, at non-profit prices and we offer dental care at no cost (or at a very nominal cost in complex cases) for anyone who was evacuated from his/her home due to the security situation in the north and south. The dental care center is under close supervision and acts in full cooperation with the “Teeth Health Department” at the Health Division of Haifa Municipal. We have about 50 years of experience.


In addition to our clinic, we have 2 mobile units that help us reach anybody.There are many from the elderly population who are incapable of traveling due to their health conditions or are afraid to leave their houses. For these reasons the Mobile dental care units are extremely helpful and useful.

The most vulnerable population during this difficult time, are the Holocaust survivors. The horrors and harsh scenes in this war brought up difficult and sad memories of the days of the Holocaust. What we never dreamed- could happen again.

Since October 7th 2023, terrorists from Gaza have fired thousands of rockets towards Israeli towns. Hundreds of people were killed, thousands of people were injured, hostages have been taken to Gaza, among them children and elder people. The terrifying scenes brought back traumas that the Holocaust survivors encountered when they were young and defenseless.

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