Encouraging progress


Ma’ase in the Galilee Kiryat Shmona


  • local leadership workshop December 12 22

  • Navigation field series November 2022

  • Israeli society series January 23

Project 3


Ma’ase envisions a society in which all young people in Israel have an equal opportunity to develop, dream and fulfill their potential without limits or prejudice; one in which young adults from diverse population sectors volunteer together, improve their socioeconomic mobility, contribute to community resilience and bring about social change in Israel.


Each year, thousands of Israeli young adults take it upon themselves to volunteer and study before enlisting for the army in the framework of preparatory programs (‘Mechinot’), broadening their horizons and expanding their future prospects. Yet, although Mechinot have proven very beneficial for underprivileged young adults in terms of the tools and skills they gain, only small numbers participate in such programs. Ma’ase is changing this reality by recruiting disadvantaged young adults from Israel’s periphery to participate in meaningful, empowering pre-army programs towards forging a cadre of active young leaders dedicated to social change.

Ma’ase in the Galilee Kiryat Shmona – strengthens youth from the Galilee, encourages them to enlist in significant service and later attend higher education.

Every year, the program provides 40 young adults from the towns of Kiryat Shmona, Tzfat, Hazor Haglilit, as well as neighboring kibbutzim and moshavim, with an attractive framework for active learning, volunteering and social action. The program encourages cooperation between young adults from different backgrounds and develops young local leadership. Program graduates serve in substantial roles in the IDF, go on to higher educational frameworks and return to their communities as leaders of social change.

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