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Maaglei Tzedek’s Social Justice Center


    Maaglei Tzedek's Social Justice Center


The Social Justice Center will be an address for citizens who face a wrong-doing. Whoever calls the hotline will be answered by trained volunteers with a legal background and who can provide an initial solution or advise next steps. Our Center Advisor will be a person with a sociological and legal background that will create different action plans in order to reach maximum impact for each individual case. The center will be mentored by professional lawyers.


After working for eight years with exploited contract workers and other weakened populations in the Israeli society, Ma’aglei Tzedek has identified immense problems facing these workers. Within these weakened populations, there are obstacles that overlap in many different communities and singular issues that affect a smaller minority. In order to effectively deal with these issues and help these people, Ma’aglei Tzedek needs to first identify and understand the problem and second, advise the next course of action and the appropriate source for further assistance. By operating the Social Justice Center in Jerusalem, we wish to create a solution to the major issues facing the various populations of the city. We believe that such a place, given to everyone who needs it, provides a good starting point to deal with some of the wrongs in our society and start a genuine change.

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