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Luxembourg International Science Expo


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The vision of the Luxembourg International Science Expo is to create a dynamic and inclusive platform that brings together young scientists, innovators, and creatives from around the world. We envision a gathering where minds unite, cultures intertwine, and creativity and innovation flourish, inspiring the next generation of brilliant minds. Through a celebration of science, art, and technology, we aim to nurture curiosity, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and ignite a passion for discovery. Our vision is to empower young talents to push the boundaries of knowledge, unlocking a future of endless possibilities that will shape a better world for generations to come.


Fondation Jeunes Scientifiques Luxembourg is a non-profit
organization that is dedicated to promoting and supporting science the development of young scientists on national and international level among students aged 11 to 25.

Main activities:

-National Jonk Fuerscher Contest
Organised annually since 1971 by the FJSL, the Contest offers young scientists, between 11 and 21 years old, the opportunity to present their projects to the Luxembourgish public in an internationally recognised contest, which enables them to participate in prestigious competitions abroad.

. Luxembourg International Science Expo (LISE)
The LISE is a non-competitive international exhibition that aims to promote international relations and the exchange of ideas and cultures among participants, we welcomed young scientist laureates from over an average of 20 different countries.

-Mobisciences (Erasmus +)
Since 2018, about 180 students from five countries that are France, Spain, Morocco, Belgium, and Luxembourg, have travelled throughout Europe to participate in events celebrating science and exchanging ideas. The objective of this Erasmus+ project, started by the FJSL in partnership with the four other countries, is to work towards developing scientific culture among young people through these exchanges.

-Science: next
A platform for meeting and helping young scientists. This program is available to students wishing to acquire “the scientific palette”. Training sessions include: structuring an idea, presenting a project using the scientific method, and finally presenting on stage. Workshops are offered throughout the school year to help prepare for the national Jonk Fuerscher contest and equip the next generation!

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