Encouraging progress


Lishma Policy


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Promoting value-based social entrepreneurship of ultra-Orthodox women who influence the public sphere in Israel. Lishma women are chosen based on their leadership skills and potential, and come from mainstream Haredi society.



Developing female community leadership that actively promotes meaningful projects for the benefit of the community through the imparting of knowledge, skills, values, and the provision of professional support.

  1. Working in cooperation with community leaders, out of awareness, sensitivity and deep attachment to the values ​​of Haredi society.
  2. Connecting and uniting ultra-Orthodox women from different communities and from different areas of interest to values, goals and social action that are meaningful and effective.
  3. Seeking out female Haredi leadership. Leadership, entrepreneurship and process development training.
  4. Promoting initiatives to address socio-economic challenges.
  5. Creating a Haredi leadership community that supports activism.

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