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Library of Stolen Hopes

Czech Republic

    Photo of the projector Brno Jewish Community


The Jewish community Brno proclaims responsibility to safe almost 13 000 Jewish prayer books, looted during the Shoa. Majority of the owners were murdered in the concentration camps. During the 76 years after the WWII, books were transferred to the different places and now the community understands the project as saving, protecting and building the memorial for the victims as a Library of Stolen Hopes.


A new era of the Brno Jewish community came after 1989. The fall of the totalitarian regime gave a new chance to the religious life, cultural and social development of the community. The Brno Jewish Community manages the Rabbi Feder Cultural Education Center, public library; the community journal Kachol Velevan became integral part of the community life. In 2004, Jas Home care agency was established, community has a kosher kitchen since 2007. An important step in the life of the Brno community was the construction of mikveh, a ritual bath. The community „Jewish Home“ activities present a program for young families, children and teens in order to create a good and safe environment for their Jewish life and future.

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