Encouraging our fellows


Lev Olam




Continuing the ancient Jewish tradition of Tikkun Olam – Fulfilling our duty to assist those less fortunate, irrespective of race, nationality or religion, by assisting them in becoming self-sufficient and providing food, education and emotional support.

Promoting humanitarian values among Israeli backpackers in India and encouraging them to take responsibility for the world around them, by taking an active role in social justice programs.


Lev Olam runs centers in India which provide volunteers to help empower local villages to break through the cycle of poverty. Each centre is staffed by Israelis who have been trained in Israel. These volunteers in turn run short term volunteer opportunities for Israeli backpackers already travelling in India. Work includes teaching, building, farming and creating and supporting projects with local schools, women and farmers, all areas which will have a major effect on the population there.

Lev Olam is particularly interested in helping smaller scale projects which are directed toward addressing the source of the problems, creating sustainable solutions within the community and helping children and women become self-sufficient, valuable members of society.

This rewarding work will is coupled with workshops focused on social justice and the issues faced by the locals, as well as learning the local language and culture. The program includes workshops on Jewish identity and spirituality and our duty towards Tikkun Olam.

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