Encouraging our fellows


Lev Echad (One Heart)- Empowering Resilience in Ukraine


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As Israeli volunteers from the only western country that lives under continuous attack, we aim to support Ukraine by sharing our broad experience, and we see it as a global mission to develop liberty and free world, on behalf of the Israeli nation.


Humanitarian Delegations:

  • 300 volunteers from Israel and USA
  • 29 Delegations

Educational support:

  • Summer school for 200 refugee kids in Lviv.
  • Coping and resilience workshops to over 450 teachers and principals 75,000 children recieved more resilient educators.
  • First Safe Space for refugee kids in Ukraine

Medical AID:

  • Primary medical care and follow up to 850 refugees in 12 centers.
  • 202 Medical Kits to hospitals, front lines and refugee centers


  • 130 generators to civilians in Lviv, Kyiv, and front-line settlements
  • At least 70,000 kids received light and warmth


  • Partnership of extensive support between schools in Lviv and Jerusalem
  • Connection between the municipalities of Lviv and Sderot

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