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Latet Youth Summer Camp


  • summer 2022

  • summer 2022

  • summer 2022

  • summer 2022

  • summer 2022

Latet Youth


Latet Youth Summer Camp offers underprivileged kids a chance they otherwise could not afford to go on vacation for the summer, meet new friends from all origins, volunteer and acquire leadership skills to create a wave of change.

*Latet Youth organization is a social entrepreneurship hub for Israeli youth. It fosters the next generation of social leaders by promoting volunteerism as a way of life and instilling values of mutual responsibility and tolerance toward the advancement of a better society.


Latet Youth Summer Camp focuses on the theory of social change with 2 main pillars: social entrepreneurship and education to volunteerism for at-risk and disadvantaged kids; and building bridges between all the communities composing the Israeli society. Israeli Jewish, Druze, Muslim and Bedouin Youth spend together an amazing and enriching week of discovery, empowerment, debates and social projects in July.

Camp Activities:

  1. Volunteering – The campers volunteer at centers and communities in need of assistance.
  2. Social Leadership – The campers create a social project from A to Z. To do so, they attend a conference from an expert and do a workshop on social entrepreneurship and project management.
  3. Hackathon – At the end of the camp, the youth compete in a Hackathon to elect the best social project.
  4. Identity and Pluralism – The campers participate in debates and panels on the multiple identities and cultures composing the Israeli society.
  5. Fun – all along the week fun social activities (sport, team games and events) are performed.

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