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Kivunim-Vocational Training for Young Adults with Disabilities


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Kivunim’s mission is to empower people with disabilities through life-preparatory programs that promote self-management and community integration. These programs provide training in independent living skills like finance, health, and leisure. Vocational training is also incorporated, as employment plays a vital role in boosting self-confidence and overall integration. Our vision is for people with disabilities to be recognized as active, independent, and valuable members of society.


Kivunim’s vocational training includes several tracks:

  1. Placement and guidance through the Israeli National Service – participants serve in various roles in hospitals, municipalities, schools, museums, etc.
  2. Vocational training for job seekers – workshops and practical experience, professional assessment of vocational tendencies, preparation and guidance for interviews, experience in various tools such as computer skills, administration, graphics, public speaking, etc.
  3. Placement and guidance in employment – continued support and training to increase the chances of successful integration into the workplace. Our participants work in various positions, such as production roles in local manufacturing factories and warehouses, customer support (such as in cellular and electric companies), and some are invited to give lectures about the vocational and life challenges of people with disabilities.
  4. Guidance and counseling for completing/acquiring education.

Our vocational training is accessible and adjusted to the participant’s needs and includes field support for them and their employers.

The team includes rehabilitation coordinators and counselors, and occupational therapists who advise on workplace adjustments. The program operates continuously throughout the year, and each participant is provided with a personalized plan according to their own advancement and finding suitable Israeli National Service/employment positions.

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