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Kishorit’s Vocational Training Courses


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Kishorit’s vision is to provide the proper training, supervision, and support, for members to create a positive and empowering employment experience.  Productive employment is a vital part of the rehabilitation process and a significant step toward independence. Work provides a daily routine, a place to form social bonds and learn new skills, and a source of self-esteem and self-worth.


Kishorit is an extraordinary community where 186 neurodiverse adults live hand in hand with a growing mainstream community. Modeled after the traditional Kibbutz (an Israeli collective community traditionally based on agriculture), we provide a continuum of long-term residential, vocational and social solutions for adults with developmental disabilities and debilitating mental illnesses.

Community members can choose to live in supported apartments in the nearby city of Karmiel or on Kishorit.

They work in the mainstream workforce or one of Kishorit’s ten businesses or one of the community services. After working hours, they enjoy a myriad of leisure time activities, including sports, dance, choir, sewing, cooking, time with friends, and a wide range of other opportunities for social engagement. Kishorit provides a home for life for adults who need extra support and, in many cases, have aging parents who can no longer care for them.

Meaningful, productive employment is critical to the rehabilitation and self-esteem of Kishorit members. Almost every Kishorit member has a job that is suited to their strengths and interests, either in the broader community or in one of Kishorit’s revenue-generating businesses/services (90% of Kishorit members work). Providing productive employment for the Kishorit members is vital in the rehabilitation/therapeutic process and a significant step towards their independence. In addition, work offers a daily routine, a place to form social bonds, a way to learn new skills, and a source of self-esteem and self-worth. With the proper training, supervision, support, and guidance, most Kishorit members integrate into the workforce.

Vocational training empowers members and assists them in being productive, contributing members of the community. Neurodiverse adults learn best in small training groups with one-to-one teaching and guidance opportunities. When training is combined with hands-on work, members successfully acquire new skills and knowledge. Our goal is for members to become part of income-generating businesses, gain a sense of pride and purpose, and become empowered.

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