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Kedma School


  • Kedma 2012-2013



To reduce the growing educational, social and economic gaps in Israel by providing disadvantaged youth with the tools, guidance and support needed to achieve academic excellence and full high school matriculation in order to become active and equal participants in Israeli society. Kedma develops unique programs, training and conferences that support the work of teachers and educators who promote student success from disadvantaged populations.


For 17 years now, Kedma has been supporting the Kedma School in Jerusalem and developing the school as a successful educational model for narrowing social and educational gaps.

* The Matanel Cultural Enrichment program at Kedma exposes students to the world of theater, music and art – activities which usually take place in more affluent neighborhoods and are beyond the means of Kedma parents. The enrichment program aims to sharpen the students’ appreciation for their own Mizrahi cultural heritage.
* Establishing another Kedma School in the center of Israel.
* The Mentoring Program for Kedma’s School students.
* Bridge to University project.
* The Kedmiya afternoon activates for children.
* Distributes the unique model via Educator’s trainings:
* “Dialog Hour” – series of 6 books for educational
meaningful hour
* Annual Educator conference Kedma held in Jerusalem on June 2011.
Each school year, based scholarships are awarded to 60 students. The recipients of the merit scholarship are selected based on their academic performance, with a special emphasis on academic progress. The scholarship fund has motivated many Kedma students to excel and improve their classroom performance; in addition it has provided these students with much needed financial support for books, clothing and other basic necessities.

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