Encouraging progress


Katzir Scholarship Fund for single Mothers




The vision of the Katzir Scholarship Fund is to enable young adults from Israel’s geographic and social periphery to realize their potential through higher education, while acquiring tools for self-fulfillment, social mobility and integration into employment in the periphery.


Higher education is a passport to social and economic mobility. However, many Israelis do not pursue a college education because of the costs and the challenges of being a student.
Rashi foundation’s Katzir Scholarship Program has been helping young adults from various disadvantaged groups pursue higher learning by assisting students with living expenses, tuition costs, enrichment programs and support during the entire three to four-year degree program.
The Matanel partnership has enabled broadening the scope to include scholarships for single mothers, often deterred from higher learning and thus remaining at the lowest socio-economic ranks because of their difficulty in juggling children and jobs with the pursuit of an academic education.
Thanks to Matanel, for the last years,  about 85 single mothers were granted Katzir Scholarships in Tel Hai , West Galilee and Achva colleges and began a new chapter in their lives, full of hope and opportunity.

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