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Katef ‘l’ Katef : Independence – Paths to young single mothers employment integration


woman from ashkelon


To promote a society which provides all individuals with the opportunity best suited to them to exit the poverty cycle and change their own life track


Shoulder to Shoulder is non-profit organization dedicated to advancing populations struggling with poverty in Israel through promoting economic stability and prosperity. Delving into core issues at the root of financial crisis, we build comprehensive, customized interventions that have already enabled thousands of Israel’s socio-economically distressed to break free of the cycle of poverty.
Founded in 2005, Shoulder to Shoulder has been providing over 5000 families with genuine opportunity to consciously break free of personal financial crisis, re-establishing themselves via a holistic process of change. Our model leads participants on a path towards full independence, without the need to rely on welfare or charity.
‘Independence: Paths to employment’ is a program that advances the integration of young single mothers into the workforce by removing all the barriers which do not allow them to do so. Theprogram offers assistance with career counseling, as well as guidance and vocational training. Each participant gains access to solutions and tools tailor-made for the challenges they face, such as professional training, subsidized daycare and babysitters, and necessities. The ‘Shoulder to shoulder’ model strengthens self-reliance while being present and accepting of the participant’s current circumstance and empowering the renewed belief in oneself. The goal is to catch young single mothers in time to allow them to become a part of the workforce, acquire tools for correct financial management, and claim their rights as young single mothers.

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