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Kaima Evaluation and Knowledge Management


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Organic farming and the pride associated with growing, literally and metaphorically, can be a powerful way to connect society’s disenfranchised to something inherently meaningful.  Kaima’s vision is to harness the principles of organic farming to improve the lives of high school dropouts, particularly those unable to adapt to conventional indoor learning and adult-driven frameworks and reconnect them to a sense of purpose and possibility.


The Matanel Foundation has committed itself to help professionalize Amutat Kaima’s evaluation processes and support the organization’s knowledge management activities.

Having assembled a critical mass of program graduates, we are interested in tracking participant attitude toward oneself, society and adults before/during/after the project; progress in meeting self-defined goals during/after the project; capacity to complete other educational programs, military/national service, and drug/alcohol programs; and the impact of Kaima’s intervention in terms of encouraging/sustaining employment.

The project will also enable us to communicate with the academic and non-academic communities about the social change we seek to secure through our educational model. Specifically, the support of the Matanel Foundation will enable us to:

  1. Develop an evaluation tool for our Israeli network
  2. Implement the evaluation tool
  3. Invest in an academic review of our educational model
  4. Prepare and publish a non-academic write-up of our educational model

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