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Kadima – Nitzan Matanel summer camp 2022





It is in the shadow and discretion, in dignity and solidarity that our Association has been working for many years, helping children to go to summer camp to relieve families,to bring a comfort, and to offer to a
child a framework of leisure, of culture in a Jewish atmosphere
Experience teaches us that many children discover, through summer stays, the pride of belonging to a great people, to a history, a memory, and a unique and universal identity.
Sometimes a “trigger” is triggered, an awareness, a will and a thirst to learn are revealed, it was not necessary to be a to understand that we cannot remain indifferent to the growing difficulties that affect many
many families in our community; both economically and in the educational field,

We think and act through our actions, helping a child is sometimes a feeling of “recreating a new world”.

We refuse to “penalize” children for financial problems. KADIMA brings its contribution through scholarships to these children, and thus participates in the the work of the community. KADIMA wishes to bring its stone to the
to the community.

30 years of work in the service of children

How do we do it

A pedagogical project built and thought out by a team of competent and dedicated educators.
An educational, leisure and cultural program for all, open and of high level.



As every year, the KADIMA Association organized its Summer Session, of
two months in July and August , in its vacation camp.

The objectives of the KADIMA camp have always been the same as defined a few years ago priority, to give satisfaction and to register all the children from disadvantaged
children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We have always affirmed that all Jewish children have the right to vacation
whatever the financial condition of their parents…

It is in this perspective that we work in close collaboration with the
social workers in Marseille, Lyon and Paris, that we reserve our entire camp for
to these children, so that they do not remain on the sidewalks of Marseille, Lyon or Paris
of Marseille, Lyon or Paris, only because of financial problems.
Each year, KADIMA summer camp welcomes about 230 children,
between the two sessions of July and August, in a magical setting, and in an extremely
and in an extremely pleasant house.

KADIMA is a traditionalist camp, with a very offensive pedagogical project
helping all the children discover their identity, their memory through Jewish culture.

The whole project is based on high level sports activities, educational activities, with a competent staff, the great advantage of KADIMA, is that it recruits its own instructors from among its members, which means that the former settlers become monitors in their turn, which allows everyone to be automatically operational  and have understood the whole spirit, which guides the KADIMA camp.

What is very interesting is that there is a part of the parents who support us and work with us who support us and work with us in the preparation of the pedagogical project
a few months in advance, so that the parents become co-partners of our summer camp but not just as consumers.


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