Encouraging progress


Juzor: Academic Guidance and Accompaniment for Arab Youth


ביום גיוס


Most Arabs from cities like Lod, do not consider university to be a viable life path and/or have no idea where to begin the process of seeking admission into university. Juzor is designed to help Arab high school students overcome the social and academic obstacles that prevent their integration into higher education, with the vision of cultivating the next generation of Arab community Leaders.


Within the framework of this project, students from four major Arab high schools in Lod will enroll in our academic guidance program. The program entails twice monthly meetings throughout the year designed to increase the students’ motivation to pursue higher education. During the meetings, they learn about different academic programs that they can pursue (college vs. university vs. degree programs), the relationship between academic training and the job market, and how to go about planning the next stages of their lives. In addition, they benefit from empowerment activities designed to help them build a positive self-identity. The program also features guest lecturers, and tours of academic institutions.

The program is delivered by Arab university students who are themselves graduates of our academic guidance program. The university students receive training and ongoing supervision, as well as tuition scholarships in exchange for their participation. This aspect of the program is a key part of our mission and vision for Lod – to promote social capital, civil society activity and leadership among the low-income, Arab community of Lod by providing opportunities for young people to take on leadership roles within the community.

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