Encouraging our fellows


JustSpirulina: Young Ambassadors for Health and Good Nutrition in Congo




To create a cadre of young ambassadors from communities in South Kivu, Congo, who will promote the production and usage of Spirulina, and educate children and families about the principles of good health and nutrition.


Within the “Anga-POPOF” school complex in South Kivu, Congo, JustSpirulina will construct a center for sustainable agriculture and nutrition that will include a demonstration farm, including several Spirulina pools and different agricultural plots, where hundreds of students from throughout the region will learn about Spirulina production, additional agricultural practices and receive training in nutrition. The students will also receive pedagogic training, which will enable them to relay the information and knowledge to their host schools and communities and thus serve as Young Ambassadors for Health and Good Nutrition. The agricultural products, produced at the center will be used twofold: a) to feed malnourished children and families and the students themselves, and b) to generate income, which will ensure the project’s long-term sustainability.

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