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Historian Jules Isaac: From the Teaching of Contempt to the Teaching of Respect


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Courtesy of KTO tv

On September 5, 2023—the 60th anniversary of the death of Jules Isaac—Catholic Television (KTO) is broadcasting a film on this famous French historian Jules Isaac (1877- 1963). In the 1930s Isaac—a deeply secular teacher—thoroughly revised the first edition of the famous manuals for modern history in the French lycées, which then became known as “Malet & Isaac.” He later contributed in a decisive way to reforming relations between the Catholic Church and the Jewish religion.
This documentary calls on many high-qualified subjects, such as the historians André Kaspi and Carol Iancu and the Canadian author Norman Tobias. It shows how Jules Isaac knew how to make progress by replacing two thousand years of teaching contempt for Jews with an attitude of respect for Jews and Judaism. In this sense, his work was prophetic and revolutionary.


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