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Joint Council of Mechinot- Perach Zahav Bnei Bayit


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Perach Zahav Matanel – Bnei Bayit is dedicated to care for the seniors (above 65 years old) who are living alone in their home. Our goal is to create a moral and ethical commitment to the elderly population in Israel by creating an intergenerational relationship between the preparatory students and the elders in the local authorities close to them.


“Perach Zahav” – Matanel Bnei Bait project will connect Pre-Army academy (Mechina) student to a regular weekly volunteering visits to Israeli elderly homes, as a support system that brightens their world in the face of the feeling of loneliness, creating a close and deep social connection, and joint recreation and engagement in various social and cultural activities, at home and in the technological space. For this purpose, the JCM will facilitate “Perach Zahav – Bnei Beit” to promote annual volunteering of mechina students with senior citizens in the community.

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