Encouraging creativity and culture


Jødisk Kulturfestival – Jewish Culture Festival 2024


    JKF Opening


It is vital to engage the public and to show the diversity of Jewish cultures and aspects of Jewish life in Denmark and abroad. The main objectives:
– to make people who identity as Jewish in Denmark engage in the communities and gain knowledge and pride of their history and identity.
– to combat anti-Semitism by promoting intercultural dialogue, diversity, knowledge and understanding.


The festival showcases contemporary and historical Jewish life and culture through music, film, oral testimonies etc. With an increase in anti-Semitism, which means that Jewish life in these years for a large part takes place behind guarded bars, the festival is a unique opportunity for people to gain access to Jewish locations. Religious and academic scholars share their extensive knowledge, by which we hope to inspire the curiosity of the Jewish audience to connect to their roots and identity.
We aim to be a mediator for intercultural dialogue and promote awareness of both Jewish and world history, and strengthening people’s knowledge of our intertwined history. We engage artists, scholars, and public figures from all backgrounds e.g. Arabic. Lectures and debates have become even more important and relevant with the current situation in Israel, and we encourage the audience’s questions and reflections to broaden their horizon and tolerance.
The cross-cultural composition of the program allows the audience to get entertained, but also inspires and challenges their views. The program covers performing arts such as theatre, exhibitions, dance, opera, film screenings and guided tours to museums and other locations.

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