Jewish Family Centre

Saratov, Russia

  • Jewish Family Centre 2013

  • Jewish Family Centre 2013

  • Jewish Family Centre 2013

  • Jewish Family Centre 2013

  • Jewish Family Centre 2013



The idea is to apply a complex approach for the Jewish education process: to combine traditional way of teaching children (Torah and the subjects of aesthetic cycle) with parallel parents upbringing, to give a feeling that they – children and grown-ups – start to form their Jewish families together. More than that: the importance of transferring of national traditions, connections of generations in this aspect seems absolute.


1. During 5 days of the week (except Friday and Saturday) lessons on tradition, music, art, Hebrew, English, Jewish history for children of the age of 2-10 are provided in the Family Centre.

2. Game room for children is equipped in the Centre where they can spend time during the breaks.

3. Parents have classes on Jewish holidays, Jewish philosophy and traditions due to the holidays (evening time and Sundays), psychological discussions on such themes as family in different cultures (family in Russia and Israel, f.e.), conflicts in the family, relations between children, conflicts and connections of generations in the family, history of Jewish family, advantages and disadvantages of religious families and “modern families”, number of children in the family and ideas of up-bringing, etc.

4. Skype lectures and psychological consultations for parents are provided by the most respected Jewish Russian-speaking lecturers as Rabbanit H. Kuperman, Rabbi U. Superfin, Z Hariyan, Rabbi M. Kopitman, Rabbi Gelfand .

5. Women’s club for mothers works in Centre in order for them to get together from time to time, to discuss some interesting matters, to have talks with the psychologist or skype conversation with the psychologist on some special “women’s|” questions or even to chat.

6. In the Family Centre all the Jewish holidays are celebrated. They are creatively done on the basis of scripts written by the teachers, including sport entertainment, singing, quizzes with prizes and refreshments. More than that there is a very good tradition of celebrating birthdays in the Centre.

7. Family Theatre is working in the Centre where children and their parents together make sketches on the basis of fiction with the plot or the theme borrowed from classical Jewish texts, Jewish fairy-tales and parables. Tamara Zhikhan – an actress of “Saratov state theatre of a young spectator”- is the leader of the Family Theatre.

8. Last summer Family Camp was organized for the participants of the Centre with lessons, trainings, theatrical shows and a lot of fun for both parents and children.

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