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  • JEP Bratislava 2013

  • JEP Bratislava 2013

  • JEP Bratislava 2013

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  • Dubrovnik 2012

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  • Thessaloniki 2012



European Jews in their late twenties and thirties are increasingly struggling to find suitable marriage partners who share similar experiences and backgrounds. JEP was created with this purpose in mind – allowing opportunities for people to meet in a relaxed environment while also expounding their personal and professional networking circles.


JEP was recently launched to cater specifically to Jewish singles, aged 27-39, at the behest of many young professionals throughout Europe. Time and again, these young professionals approached Zevi Ives – director of the popular ECJS (European Center for Jewish Students) – with their request for an organization that would be geared to their needs. Many also expressed their frustration in finding a suitable life partner. They highlighted the difficultly in meeting eligible Jews seeking a serious relationship, especially in Europe where the Jewish population is so small and spread out.

JEP is an international, non-profit organization committed to providing this cohort with opportunities to enhance their personal and professional networks. It was designed to create a vibrant young Jewish community focused on making a positive contribution to the world. This is accomplished through top-quality innovative programs in intimate settings that include:

• Entertaining and interactive group activities

• Relationship education and coaching

• Business advice and ethics

• Self-development workshops

• Inspiring cultural experiences.

These programs are guided by professional research and evaluation to ensure that they are achieving their goals.

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