Encouraging progress


Jewish Brain in High-Tech (Formerly Avratech)




JBH’s (Jewish Brain in High-tech) vision is to change the paradigm for ultra-orthodox men in Israel by transforming ultra-Orthodox men into high quality computer programmers who maintain their religious commitment. Our goal is to create a training and employment framework that enables married Haredi men to earn a respectable income while maintaining a Torah lifestyle- thus synergizing the ultra-orthodox community needs with high-tech’s growing demand.


Established in 2013 from within the Haredi community, JBH (Formerly Avratech) is a non-profit organization for married Haredi men that combines serious Torah study with advanced technological training in software development. All of JBH’s graduates are guaranteed employment at Ravtech, a social business software company. To date:

Almost 150 graduates are working as software developers bringing home a paycheck to more than 800 family members who rely on them.

For each Haredi man that enters the workforce, the Israeli economy benefits 93,000 shekels yearly. Roughly 27,900,000 shekels have been contributed to the Israeli economy because of the project.

More than 6,500 people, family, and friends see new role models in the Haredi community who study Torah and work in a lucrative profession.

Over 140,000 Haredi men study Torah full-time in Israel. With 52% of the community living under the poverty line and only a 18% of men working in typical full-time professions, JBH is poised to create real social change that will have a significant impact on the Haredi community and the State of Israel.

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