Encouraging creativity and culture


Israel INNspiration, Tel-Aviv, Israel


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Our vision is to enable young persons from outside Israel to be exposed to Israel’s inspiring and joyful side, and thus show that Israel is not all about political complexities and security problems but is also filled with hope, fun and positive sides.


The program is intended for tourists from all over the world who are interested in additional content to basic tourism, or to educational groups interested in unique and liberal content during their stay in Tel Aviv.

We allow tourists to be our guests at the Israeli Academy for Leadership and offer our guests a wide array of cultural and Zionist activities, unique to us, mostly based on the pre-military mechina program and its lecturers.

The activities we offer include:

  1. Lectures in history, philosophy and the Land of Israel
  2. Guided tours in Tel Aviv
  3. Israeli Music Night and Israeli Quiz Night
  4. Open conversations with mechina students and open conversation with mechina graduates regarding their military service and life in Israel.

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