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Israel and Jewish echoes in literary biweekly TVAR: special issue on Israel and European Jewish literature

Czech Republic



We have decided to prepare a special issue devoted to current Israeli and European Jewish literature. We prepared the issue in cooperation with Hebraists Magdalena Křížová, Šárka Doležalováand Mariana Kuželová. Our vision was to introduce to Czech readers largely current Israeli literature and also Jewish european as well. The issue included prose, poetry, essays nad reviews on books of jewish literature, which were published in last year.


We conducted in Tvar n. 5 an interview with prose writer Abraham B. Jehoshua, and we included in the special issue a study about contemporary Israeli prose from Hebraist Zuzana Hametová, also selection from 20th century Israeli poetry translated into Czech by Mariana Kuželová, an article by Štepan Balik on Holocaust theme in the newly published Polish poetry selection, a text by Yael Brunner about contemporary poetry scene in Jerusalem. We prepared a preview of prose by young Czech Jewish writer Marek Toman on the Simon Abeles Legend and a preview of memoires of the Dutch author Max Rodriguez Garcia. We published tree short stories of izsraeli writter Etgar Keret. In the critique column we had two reviews of the book “Jerusalem dreams” from the authors Alexandr and Lev Sargorodski, a reviews on the latest books of Abraham B. Jehoshua , of Nobel Prize winner Imre Kertész, Antonio G. Itrube, poet Jacob von Hoddis.

Besides that, we published an article on the problems on distributing Jewish music in Czech Republic today. In Tvar n. 8 we published essay of professor Joseph Chetrit on Jewish poetry written by women in Morocco and in Israel as adding to issue of Jewish literature in Tvar.

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