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International Distribution of the Israel Film Archive Website – English Subtitles


  • From “Degania Bet - a Glance at a Group” (1970) - A documentary produced by the Jewish National Fund and Histadrut on the 50th anniversary of Kibbutz Degania Bet. https://jfc.org.il/news_journal/51729-2/

  • From “Blood Oath” (1956) – One year since a deadly Palestinian fedayeen attack during a wedding in Patish, this film provides documentation of the moshav in the northern Negev Desert. The film describes the development of agriculture in the moshav despite the fact that its inhabitants – Jews of Kurdish descent – were initially inexperienced in farming. https://jfc.org.il/news_journal/51275-2/

  • From “Convoys To Jerusalem” (1971) An episode of Israfilms LTD's documentary series "Thanks to Those Times" about the establishment of Israel. https://jfc.org.il/news_journal/95090-2/



As a ‘living’ archive, our new website, www.jfc.org.il, offers an engaging experience for users to become acquainted with materials hailing from the dawn of cinema to the digital era. By supplying English subtitles to all the materials online, we look forward to providing full access to a worldwide population deeply interested and invested in the history of Israel and the Jewish people.


The Israel Film Archive safeguards the long-term preservation and worldwide access of the visual history of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Its main activities include digitization of Israel’s audio-visual history, digital film preservation, as well as research and indexing of audio-visual heritage materials – all of which are integrated into an online VOD platform accessible worldwide.

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