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Intergenerational Activities at Reuth’s Subsidized Community Housing – Perach Zahav Matanel


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Aging can be a painful process as seniors contend with retirement, loss of friends and loved ones, a decline in functional ability, and more. As a result, many experience debilitating loneliness, and subsequently, a dramatic decline in their mental and physical health. The vision of the project is to improve the quality of life of underprivileged seniors who are living in Reuth’s subsidized community housing.


Reuth’s work spans two fields: subsidized community housing for low-income seniors and a rehabilitation hospital.

Reuth’s community housing is made up of subsidized apartments in three adjacent buildings in Tel Aviv. In addition to providing a comfortable place to live, we aim to empower low-income seniors to lead deeply fulfilling lives by addressing their emotional, social, and acute needs. Our residents benefit from a variety of social services such as help with apartment maintenance, subsidies for medical needs, one-on-one assistance from a social worker, holiday celebrations, trips, and more.

Within the framework of the Perach Zahav project, Reuth’s senior residents will work with high school volunteers on one of the following projects: (i) community gardening to enhance food security for the residents, (ii) arts & crafts to create eco-friendly art that will make the community housing more aesthetically pleasing, or (iii) digital literacy classes in which the residents will learn to use smartphones and laptops to communicate with governmental agencies, banks, relatives, and more

In parallel, Reuth manages and operates one of Israel’s leading rehabilitation hospitals. Our multidisciplinary team of medical and paramedical professionals develops individualized treatment plans that enable individuals to achieve maximum independence following illness, injury, or disability.

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