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Intensive Course on Environmental Issues in Israel, Lille, France




This project gave students at Sciences Po Lille access to an Israeli environmental policy specialist via an intensive, nine-day course on the environmental impacts of conflict in Israel and its surroundings. This project was spearheaded by the Israel Institute in Washington, DC.


Prof. Tal taught a course entitled “The Environment and Conflict Management” to 38 students at Sciences Po Lille. The course explored the linkage between conflict and the environment in Israel and the broader Middle East, as well as possible technological and diplomatic solutions to environmental issues in this region.

Through Prof. Tal’s lectures, students learned about the impacts of warfare on the environment; the role of international environmental law and diplomacy in resolving environmental conflicts; and the key transboundary environmental problems in the Middle East. The course included a simulation to design a treaty for Israeli/Palestinian/Jordanian joint water management.

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