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Home Base: Integrating the homeless back in the society


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Creating partnership with the homeless, perceive them as people of dignity and value. We believe in collaborating with the government agencies, with the intention of leading to a profound change in the perception of homelessness in Israel. We aim to become an influential NGO in the field in the future, and to help significantly reduce the phenomenon in Israel.


Home Base Uses a unique and creative intervention model that harnesses the power of team sport and social capital, Home Base fosters participants’ shared sense of identity, reciprocity and positive relationships, as well as a belief in positive change and a brighter future. Soccer is the means to draw homeless people – who are isolated from larger society, resistant to services and distrustful of authority – into the program and weekly trainings provide a sense of purpose, structure and routine. They are supplemented by individual treatment plans and one-on-one support. Home Base programming runs in partnership with the local municipalities and social services departments. At present, we run 3 soccer teams in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and provide life-changing peer support to 50 participants altogether

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