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In the series once upon a time… Discord at Home (the era of the second temple) – CEDRA


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For a few years now, the French Jewish community, which is usually traditionalist, has gone to extremes.
Often due to lack of knowledge and understanding. We want to provide a solid foundation for young and old alike.
By means of BD supports and educational files we can bring knowledge.
We must replace Judaism as a way of life that includes:
– the torah,
– Israel,
– customs and family,
– memory duty
– and Ivrit


Why choose between identity content and quality design? Why settle for a pleasant work for young people with a playful approach and not have at the same time a support that teaches us useful content.Is it possible ? obviously!We can :- Address current events, which inspire our daily life.- Provide educational support for teachers, educators of youth movements as well as teachers of talmudei torah.- Transmit our values, our history and our identity to young people through appropriate support.It’s our commitment.By producing 3 comics and their educational notebooks, we offer innovative support to address different aspects of Jewish history.Our team has already done this previously with two books, one on Tzedakah and the other on the history of Hanukkah. Each of them was distributed in 5,000 copies.To begin, we suggest going through 3 periods of Jewish history:the time of the second temple (period of discord, with enemies from outside and inside), the expulsion of the Jews from Spain (period which shapes the current diaspora) and the period of the French revolution ( freedom of the individuals, with the integration of the Jews, but not for the community). In the long term, we wish to make discover all the periods of the Jewish history through this media. The educational support put in place will enrich and deepen in a fun and useful way the different topics covered.

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