Encouraging progress


IASA-Guatemala School

Jerusalem, Israel

  • Learning in open learning space

  • Project Week-How did the attitude towards women in myths and legends cha...

  • Staff and Nir Barkat

  • Student discussion using whiteboard tables

  • Students leading learning on school trip

  • Students with Nir Barkat

Photo of Guatemala School


We envision a Jerusalem middle school based on excellence, leadership, and community service that will serve as a stimulus to the community around it and as a guiding light for education throughout Israel. We see school not merely as a building in which facts are presented to students, but as a cultivating environment which motivates students to explore the world hands-on, with enthusiasm, creativity, and curiosity.


The IASA-Guatemala School is a unique, trailblazing program that combines educational excellence with a middle school in an underprivileged neighborhood. At the Guatemala Middle School in Jerusalem’s disadvantaged Kiryat Menachem neighborhood, 30% of the pupils are children of immigrants from Ethiopia, 40% are from families known to the welfare services, and 35% are from single-parent families. The Israel Arts and Science Academy, located nearby, is Israel’s premier high school for excelling students. It has decades of expertise in producing educational excellence programming for elementary & middle school for a diverse range of populations.

At the IASA-Guatemala School, IASA educators work hand in hand with the Guatemala school teachers, offering in-service training and curricula to create classrooms of excellence. The IASA-Guatemala school will strengthen the current community and attract new residents. This innovative educational framework has the potential to transform the neighborhood.

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