Encouraging faith


Holiday Children Wonderland

France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland



Give the possibility to arrange a live performance in which the children will learn the meaning of the Holiday in a enjoyable way trough arts and crafts and educational tools, singing the Holidays songs with teaching the children the special custom related to that Holiday.


One session will last between 1 and 1.5 hour with groups going till 20 children. Each program runs for approximately 2 weeks, usually before the Holiday. We send young Yeshiva Bachurim (students) minimum 2 per group usually by car that will travel across Europe (max 10 hours drive from Brussels), for other countries we have to send the Bachurim by train or plane. In everyone of those programs every child goes back home with at least 1 souvenir which usually is made by the child in order to connect himself directly with that Holiday.

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