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Hila – Support, consultation and guiding to parents and students




The vision is that parents will get information on their and their children’s rights in education which will empower them so that they can implement these rights. This will lead to raised academic achievements in low income neighborhoods and raise awareness in the general public about discrimination, inequality and violations of educational rights. We will stop violations of children’s rights with hands-on support and legal aid.


The activities will include:

• A telephone Hotline for pupils and parents providing information and consultation on educational rights;

• Updated website including information leaflets on recommendations regarding education laws and policy.

• Assistance in writing letters and approaching the Ministry of Education and local Educational Departments;

• Refer children to psychologists and other specialists for assessment and/or treatment;

• Legally prepare and/or represent parents in front of statutory bodies such as education placement committees

• Weekly advice column in “Yedioth Ahronoth”. Answering the public questions by phone or email.

• Centre that supplies alternative information based on Hila’s activities for researchers and students writing papers or thesis in educational issues.

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